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About Ian Greig

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Ian Greig
Customer Service Director
"As a confirmed workaholic, I believe in a job well done because there is nothing more satisfying that a happy user, why? Because it makes me feel GREAT!"
Passionate about the education of our children as the future leaders of our country...
Caffeine, Caffeine and more Caffeine, Smiling and people with a great sense of humour and a zest for life
Apathy and inanely negative attitudes.
Would like to see
Realisation in everyone that every stranger we see is a friend we have not yet met

Ian Greig's Latest Articles

test 1
test 1
Zoo Visit
See how Penny produces a fantastic new article after her visit to the zoo with her class mates...
Extra curricular lessons for football training are being offered to pupils of year 4 and Mr Combover our head of sport will be coaching...
Keep Britain Tidy

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