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Zoo Visit

See how Penny produces a fantastic new article after her visit to the zoo with her class mates...

Penny Slater enjoys a school visit to the zoo and produces a fantastic article to share with her family.


Mrs Nicelady, Penny's teacher is taking the children from her class on a trip to the zoo.

Penny is excited and set to go armed with her notebook and camera.

She cannot wait to get there to see all of the animals along with her friends.

What will she see?

As the bus pulls up, she turns to her friends and tells them that she is going to produce an article on the School Bites site about her favourite animal so she can show her mummy.




After looking around the zoo at all of the different animals she decides to head back to her favourite animal, the elephant.

She cannot believe how big he is.

She sees the elephant spraying water from its trunk and takes a photograph and then she makes some notes in her book.




Time now for Penny to head back to school...


Back in the classroom Penny sets about creating her first article about her day at the zoo.

She writes about her day and all of the animals she saw and then she uploads her pictures for everyone to see.





When Penny has finished her work, Mrs Nicelady goes to see the Principle about Penny's article. She is very proud of Penny and the hard work she has done.

The Principle loves the article and agrees to allow it ot be published online for the whole community to read.











Later that same day...


Penny can't wait to tell her mum about her exciting day she has had at the zoo and to tell her about the article she had produced.

Mum reads the article and is so proud of Penny that she shares it with her family and friends.





All of the friends and family get to see the great work that Penny has done and because they are so proud of her, they continue to share it.....







The End









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